• Overhall

    • By Danielle Macdonald
    • Added on Jul 15, 2024

    The picturesque seaside town of Jupiter, FL is home to roughly sixty thousand people and a percentage of those are professional golfers, celebrities, and successful business owners. This affluent area also happens to be where Spray Foam Magazine’s headquarters resided for over 12 years. So, when the Spray Foam Magazine team (SFMT) heard about a Jupiter resident adding spray foam to his construction arsenal, we knew we needed to find out more. read more

  • One for the Books

    • By Ashley Brooks
    • Added on May 14, 2024

    Spray polyurethane foam’s versatility as a product means that some savvy business owners choose to segment their service markets to reach a wider customer base. Chris Lenchyshyn is one such owner. Together with his family, he owns and operates two spray foam companies in Niverville, Manitoba; Cold Country Spray Foam and Slab-Jack Kings, under the corporation name Prairie Wide Spray Foam (PWSF). read more

  • Fix... Don't Ditch

    • By Danielle Macdonald
    • Added on Nov 30, 2022

    Mat Wickes is the owner of Elite Foam Concrete Solutions, LLC based in South Florida. He’s not a big fan of wearing a Tyvek suit and really dislikes hot attics. He also loves working outdoors in the Florida sunshine, so Mat decided his business should purely focus on concrete lifting. read more

  • Geotechnical Foam for Concrete Lifting Saves an Old Tree

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Staff
    • Added on May 31, 2022

    Once-upon-a tree, the people in the quaint town of Winder, Georgia, noticed their pavements were sinking. There was also an old tree growing next to one of the pavements that was destroying part of the sidewalk. People of the town hated to cut it down, but was there a solution? read more

  • Easy Sell, Easy Profit

    • By Paul Delfino
    • Added on Dec 01, 2021

    In an environment of supply line shortages, rising costs, and an uncertain economic future, entrepreneurs are looking for alternative revenue streams and higher profit margins. As a result many spray foam specialists are now offering polyurethane concrete raising/leveling services. The reasons are 1) They already have most of the equipment; 2) It is easy to sell; 3) It generates high profit margins. read more