Puttin' on the Ritz

Puttin' on the Ritz
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SPRAY FOAM MAGAZINE – On the Mark Spray Foam, LLC. are based in Tampa, Florida, and they have won some impressive jobs as a preferred vendor of the city. They recently completed a commercial project utilizing their experience, logistics and patience. 

The Ritz-Carlton’s iconic heritage, along with its reputation for quality and excellence, means it’s not a surprise that any contractor working on any of their establishments would also have to reflect these attributes. The Ritz-Carlton’s motto also reflects their high standard of customer care, “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen,” which basically means they place the care and comfort of their guests above all else. On the Mark Spray Foam, LLC can relate to this sentiment and place the care and comfort of their clients at the top of their objectives. Therefore, undertaking a project at The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Tampa was the perfect fit for both parties.

Owner of On the Mark Spray Foam, Mark Gordos, has been in the insulation business since 1998. “I was looking for a job just to make ends meet in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and I fell in love with the science,” states Mark. He has helped build one of the largest insulation companies in central Florida, in addition to spending five years as a spray foam installer and Products Specialist Trainer for a large insulation company. Mark has obtained certifications as a BPI Building Analyst, a Healthy Homes Specialist from the National Center of Healthy Homes (NCHH) and has even been certified as a weatherization auditor from the Pinellas Technical Institute. As a veteran sprayer, Gordos expects the best from his workers too. An easy task when having the likes of Stuart Snyder, Shane Weekly, and Anthony Passanisi as his crew.

Snyder has been the lead sprayer for On the Mark Spray Foam since the company was founded five years ago. With an impressive ten years and counting of spray foam experience, Synder was honored to have been awarded 3rd place for his application of open-cell foam at the SFWW Spray Competition in Daytona Beach in February 2023.

In addition to being the lead sprayer, Snyder also deals with a lot of the project coordination, including making sure the crew always follows the OSHA guidelines, as well as coordinating the logistics of working alongside several other trades. This project also had numerous OSHA reps on site ensuring all the trades were wearing the correct PPE, having the correct signage, and adhering to the safety procedures. Snyder was happy to have fellow experienced spray foam applicator Shane Weekly by his side, in addition to three extra crew members.

Weekly has been in the SPF industry for over 20 years, starting out in the roofing side of the industry. He’s worked from small mom-and-pops to Lead Technician and Trainer for SprayEz. “Mark and I have been following each other’s journey for at least five years or more and after a recent job for a soda canning factory, he asked me to contribute to this job as well. I started the job running temperatures the manufacturer had printed on the drums with an E-30 reactor and about 300 feet of hose on a smooth cold concrete surface scattered with penetrations and duct work. I adjusted the heat and pressure and judged how it was spraying based on how the skin was looking. I dialed in on the warmer side and laid it down, to the best of my ability, to the thickness and specs outlined in my work order.”

TOP: Closed-cell foam was used to insulate the lower floors; BOTTOM: Open-cell foam was used on the 28th and 29th floor

Weekly and the rest of the On the Mark Spray Foam crew are very knowledgeable and passionate about seeing people learn and getting them hooked on the industry. Weekly goes on to say, “We are a rare breed of men and women that get up every day to make it what it is.”

Located on Bayshore Boulevard, the most iconic boulevard in Tampa, the Ritz-Carlton Residences Tower II is planned to have 89 luxury residences and 12 townhome-style villas with open-floor-plans up to 5,700 sq. ft. With floor-to-ceiling windows that will open out onto generous wrap around balconies, there will be breathtaking bay views. The enchanting gardens will be shaded by ancient oak trees, which will be a perfect spot for residents to take a break from Florida’s intense heat.

Each residence will have 10-ft. high ceilings, custom designed Italian cabinetry, and spacious walk-in closets. There is a large community swimming pool, spa, gym, media room, golf simulator, pickleball and tennis courts and even a landscaped dog park and children’s play area. This really is luxury living at its finest.  

Snyder explained how they won this project, “It really is a case of our good reputation and one we always uphold. We also have some of the best applicators in the business on our crew. The crew’s experience and the fact that we continuously learn from each other is a bonus. We built on that reputation and before we knew it, we were getting the
big jobs.”

The architect spec’d the foam for the two areas of the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Tampa, for its superior performance and ceiling height restrictions. Arquitectonica, is an internationally recognized architectural firm founded in 1977 by Peruvian architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Laurinda Hope Spear, Andrés Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Hervin Romney. They have designed numerous noteworthy builds, some of which include, the Atlantis Condominium, Pink House, American Airlines Arena in Miami, and the Westin Hotel and entertainment complex in New York.

Before even starting their work, the On the Mark Spray Foam crew always make sure they cover all the AC ducts, the plumbing pipes and anything else exposed to potential overspray. They know that once they complete the project and pull the plastic off, everything is going to look that much neater. The crew first tackled part one of the project, which was a storage corridor on the base level of the Residences. Due to the space not being climate controlled and the building being right off the water, there is a greater risk of moisture. They also used fans for ventilation and a Tennessee Chill Box for fresh air.

The limited ceiling height also demanded a higher R-value product that could resist leakage from the fountains above. Therefore, the crew decided to apply closed-cell foam. The 12,000 sq. ft. area had three inches of Genyk closed-cell foam applied by the crew, using seven sets. The corridor was not going to be dry walled, and therefore the foam was not covered, so the crew applied a white No-Burn intumescent coating over the foam.

Profoam’s Noelle Krevetski and the On the Mark Spray Foam crew from left to right, Mark Gordos, Stuart Snyder, Seth Row, and Chad Richey

After the first part of the project was complete, the crew planned on completing the second half of the project on the 28th and 29th floors soon after. However, due to having to coordinate with other contractors, as well as the power supply not being set up, the application was delayed by a week. There were no concerns regarding flooding due to the elevated location, the fact the area is inside the envelope of the building, and the area will be covered with drywall. With all these factors in place, open-cell foam was a great choice. It would insulate, dampen sound, and habitually not be as expensive as the closed-cell. There was no drywall on these two floors, so it was perfect for the crew to begin their work. Huntsman Classic Ultra open-cell was sprayed at five inches beneath the 28th floor and then on the 29th floor’s ceiling. Followed by a thermal barrier coating.

For high-rise projects like The Ritz-Carlton Residences, the On the Mark Spray Foam crew use a cart rig. This is a mobile rig they can take in and out and set in place.

Moving the cart rig up to the 29th floor on the freight elevator instead of having to drag the hose up 29 floors saved a lot of stress. The cart rig is equipped with an E-20 proportioner and a Fusion AP gun.

Whether it’s working on a prominent commercial building or on a residential project, On the Mark Spray Foam always gives each project their very best effort. The Ritz-Carlton Residences Tower II is expected to be complete in 2026. However, the building is already 60% sold with the remaining residences starting at a mere $1.7 million. The crew completed the projects, and the client was very happy with the results inviting On the Mark Spray Foam to their next build. This proves once again that experience, superior materials, and great management skills satisfies the clients and leaves everyone feeling like “Puttin on the Ritz!”  

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