DC315 Fireproofing Product Earns ICC-ES Approval for 1-Hour Metal Building Walls

DC315 Fireproofing Product Earns ICC-ES Approval for 1-Hour Metal Building Walls

IRVINE, CA – May 22, 2024 – International Fireproof Technologies (IFTI) is proud to announce the expansion of its industry-leading DC315 product line, now offering 1-hour assemblies for exterior walls in metal buildings. This groundbreaking application is ICC-ES Evaluated and listed, and verified on our ICC-ES-3702 evaluation report for USA & ICC-ESL-1577 for Canada. 

Building codes specify the number of hours a structure must withstand a given
temperature, based on a variety of characteristics of the building in question. DC315, recognized as the most rigorously tested and approved 15-minute thermal barrier coating for Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), now extends its capabilities to provide 1-hour fire-rated assemblies. Through extensive testing, DC315 combined with 4 inches of closed-cell SPF applied to exterior wall assemblies in metal buildings has achieved a 1-hour fire rating, a testament to IFTI's commitment to innovation and safety.

ICC-ES evaluation reports are developed to ensure that materials, designs and products are tested to safeguard public safety while allowing innovation to thrive. When code officials are entrusted with the application and enforcement of the codes, they rely on ICC-ES to ensure that evaluated products comply with codes and standards and to help them make sound decisions when approving for installation. As a subsidiary of the International Code Council®, ICC-ES uses the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about codes and standards, can draw on the knowledge needed to expertly evaluate products, and has access to the leading experts in code analysis and

The recent completion of full-scale testing in accordance with CAN/ULC S-101 and ASTM E119 standards and when applied as 34 mils’ wet film over a minimum of 4”
of closed cell foam demonstrates DC315's compliance with the National Building Code of Canada Section, and the International Building Code Section 705.7. This achievement not only enhances fire resistance in steel building applications but also contributes to energy efficiency goals by providing cost-effective solutions for meeting increasingly stringent requirements.

SPF insulation, when separated from interior spaces by a qualified 15-minute thermal barrier, typically satisfies fire protection standards. However, certain building uses or locations may necessitate additional fire protection. DC315 not only fulfills the 15-minute thermal barrier requirement but also offers up to a 60-minute fire resistance rating, ensuring compliance with diverse building regulations and safety standards.

In fire protection planning, life safety, fire suppression, and structural integrity are paramount considerations. DC315, an intumescent coating, reacts to a fire situation by expanding from a thin, lightweight film into a thick, foam-like layer that insulates the steel and maintains its structural integrity. The expanded foam provides more time for people to escape and limits damage to buildings and assets. This eliminates the need for gypsum board and associated costs, providing a comprehensive fire protection solution.

Certification is integral to product reliability and compliance. DC315 is the only intumescent coating for SPF fully tested and listed by ICC-ES for compliance with Canadian and USA Building Codes. Our rigorous certification process ensures adherence to the highest standards, giving customers confidence in their fire protection solutions.

Join us in safeguarding lives and assets with DC315. Together, let's paint to protect!

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International Fireproof Technologies (IFTI) is a leading provider of innovative fire protection solutions. With a commitment to safety and excellence, IFTI continues to push the boundaries of fire and life safety technology, ensuring peace of mind for customers worldwide.

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