DAP Global, Manufacturer of Wall & Cavity Foam, Celebrates 50 Years

DAP Global, Manufacturer of Wall & Cavity Foam, Celebrates 50 Years
DAP Baltimore plant associates

BALTIMORE, MD – June 11, 2024 – DAP Global, a leader in the home improvement and construction products industry and the #1 caulk brand in America, is proudly commemorating five decades of manufacturing at its Baltimore plant located at 4630 North Point Blvd. Established in 1974, the Baltimore plant has been a cornerstone of DAP's manufacturing operations, consistently delivering high-quality products to customers globally. On Thursday, June 6th, DAP marked the milestone with a company picnic, where Melanie L. Koorey, Senior Business Development Representative, Regional Growth & Retention, Department of Commerce, presented a certificate recognizing DAP's impact in the Baltimore community and beyond.

"The journey of the DAP Baltimore plant over the past 50 years is a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the communities we serve," said Mark Heird, President of DAP. "From our early days producing oil-based caulks with just four mixers, to our current diverse product lines, we have remained steadfast in our mission to provide strong jobs and careers for our associates while giving back to the Baltimore community, which we call home."

Thursday's anniversary celebration brought together current plant associates, retirees, and corporate associates to honor and thank the extended DAP family for their many years of service and excellence.

"The celebration served as a poignant reminder of the strong bonds within our DAP family, the years of hard work hundreds of associates have put in at the plant, and the enduring impact we continue to make together in the Baltimore community and beyond," said Heird.

From Humble Beginnings to Corporate Hub
Built on a green field which was once a pig farm in 1974, DAP's Baltimore plant was integrated into existing local infrastructure, including a rail line that was originally established by Bethlehem Steel. A spur was added to this line to support DAP's manufacturing operations, facilitating efficient transportation of raw materials and finished products. Today, the plant has evolved into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, producing a wide range of products, including caulks and sealants, wall and wood repair solutions, concrete repair materials, silicone products, and powdered wall repair compounds.

Over the past 50 years, the DAP Baltimore plant has undergone significant growth and expansion, with key additions in 1984 and 1995, culminating in its current size of 168,000 square feet. The plant currently employs 180 people and was a key factor in the decision to relocate the company headquarters from Tipp City, Ohio to Baltimore in 1998. DAP Corporate Headquarters employs 165 people in Canton.

In 2000, DAP's Baltimore Distribution Center located at 8410 Kelso Drive in Essex was opened and manufactured products began being shuttled from the plant to the Distribution Center for warehousing and distribution. The DAP Baltimore DC facility currently employs 67 people. This change also increased DAP's manufacturing capabilities at the plant, further solidifying its prominence as an industry-leading manufacturer in the state of Maryland.

DAP Gives Back
Giving back is core to DAP's culture, values, and mission, and it starts within the Baltimore community. Through the years, DAP has partnered with several organizations, including, Habitat for Humanity, Believe in Tomorrow Children's Foundation, CollegeBound Foundation, Catholic Charities of Baltimore, and many more, to provide housing, education, and other support for members of the Baltimore community. As a company, DAP and its generous employees give back through donations of time, money, goods, and expertise in ways that have a significant impact on Baltimore and the surrounding area.

In 2023 alone, DAP donated more than 1,200 hours through associate volunteering and more than $292,000 in financial contributions and sponsorships in support of charitable organizations in the industry and community. Additionally, associates donated school supplies, clothing, Thanksgiving meals, and holiday gifts that were matched by DAP through several drives benefiting community organizations.

"As we celebrate this significant milestone, we also reaffirm DAP's commitment to the Baltimore community and look forward to continuing the company's legacy of manufacturing excellence and giving back to the communities in which we do business," said Heird.

For more information about DAP and its products, visit DAP.com.

About DAP Global Inc.
Founded in 1865, DAP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of caulks, sealants, foam, adhesives, and patch and repair products with a history of first-to-market innovations. For over 155 years, DAP has provided professional contractors, remodelers and do-it-yourselfers with trusted, quality, reliable, and long-lasting products.

For more information about DAP products and applications, visit our website at www.dap.com.

DAP is a division of RPM International (NYSE Symbol: RPM).

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