ENERTITE® Open-cell SPF – BASF Corporation

ENERTITE® Open-cell SPF – BASF Corporation

ENERTITE® Open-cell SPF – BASF Corporation

The ENERTITE® Series products are low-density open-cell spray foam insulations designed to provide the greatest efficiency, coverage, and sprayability for the applicator. For residential or commercial use, BASF ENERTITE provides a variety of advantages to help you maximize performance, meet various building codes and simplify the installation process.

The BASF ENERTITE Series includes the following formulation offerings:

  • ENERTITE G – a no-mix resin system with a wide processing window and Unvented Attic (UVA) assembly approvals for no ignition barrier applications
  • ENERTITE Max – a high-efficiency, high-yield formula with lower densities to maximize coverage, also with UVA approval and simplified preparation & processing
  • ENERTITE X – the newest addition to the BASF open-cell portfolio with superior sprayability in a biobased chemistry solution, offering Appendix X compliance with no ignition barrier coating required for limited-access attics and crawlspaces

ENERTITE Series Performance Features and Benefits:

Faster reactivity - less dripping from overhead applications

Easy overspray removal – simplifies job cleanup

Consistent, high coverage rates

Easy sprayability in a wide processing window

Reduced setup and processing times

ENERTITE X eliminates the need for special attic access or configuration

ENERTITE Series Product Credentials and Qualifications:

Superior R-values

GREENGUARD Gold Certification – low-VOC materials

Fast re-entry times

UL fire-resistance-rated and NFPA 285-complying commercial assemblies

Comprehensive code compliance reports

Visit us online or contact a BASF territory manager to learn which ENERTITE product will help your spray foam business simplify while maximizing coverage and productivity.

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